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Online Banking

Online Banking is a FREE account manager for Gesa members. It’s easy to sign up online with auto-activation. With Online Banking, you can skip the line and do your banking at home or on the go!

  • Perform real-time transactions
  • View account history, including loan, certificate, and checking
  • View eStatements
  • Schedule recurring or one-time transfers between accounts
  • Sort your accounts by name, balance, or account type
  • Send secure, encrypted messages to Gesa support staff
  • Set up email reminders for low balance, deposits, and more

Connect to your money 24/7. Sign up today!

To view PDFs, you may need to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Mobile Banking

Download the Gesa App for all your banking needs on the go!

  • View account balances and transactions
  • Transfer money between your accounts or to someone else
  • Deposit checks
  • Pay your bills
  • Apply for loans and credit cards
  • Open a new account

Need to check your balances quickly? Set up Fast Balances to get account snapshots without even logging in.

Reorder Checks Online

Reordering checks is easy – All you need is the reorder slip that came with your last box of checks. This slip shows your next start number and your unique reorder identification number.

Secure Reorder Site
With your reorder slip in hand, click here. For personalized support with the site, please contact our Member Contact Center at (509) 378-3100 or (888) 946-4372 during regular business hours.

Phone Order Instructions
If you prefer to reorder your checks over the phone, call the toll-free number: (877) 585-8777.

This is a touch-tone system. The same information that you use to order online is needed for phone orders.

Routing and Transit number is: 325181248

Overdraft Protection

There are times in life when you need a little extra help. Anyone who has had a check returned or debit card declined knows how quickly a small mistake can turn into big consequences. Returned item fees charged by merchants and creditors add up quickly. At Gesa, we have options to help you.

In those unexpected situations when you are short on funds, Courtesy Pay may save you from merchant NSF fees, interruption of services, and the embarrassment and inconvenience associated with returned or declined items. You can choose one type of account coverage, or all three. Whatever works for you, works for us.

For more information about your overdraft options call (888) 946-4372.


Option 1: Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is offered as a safety net for eligible members. This coverage will provide at least $100 of coverage should you accidentally overdraw your checking.

  • It costs you nothing if you never use it
  • Courtesy Pay limit may vary based on your checking account history, overdraft transactions, and payments
  • It’s easy to enroll via a Gesa branch or by phone: (888) 946-4372.
  • No cost to sign up
  • 20 days to repay
  • $29 per use

Option 2: Automatic Savings Transfer

Before Courtesy Pay or an Overdraft Line of Credit is accessed, your savings account balance will be used to cover your overdraft.

  • Transfers are automatic when you overdraw your checking
  • Worry-free coverage up to the amount available in your savings
  • No enrollment or applications necessary
  • $5 transfer fee
  • 6 transfers or withdrawals can be made per month

Option 3: Personal Line of Credit

A great option for members who want to use a pre-approved Personal Line of Credit as an overdraft source.

  • Competitive rates, higher credit line
  • Easy access to funds
  • Fast application process—by phone, online, or at a Gesa branch
  • Rates as low as 9.00% APR*
  • $5 transfer fee
  • $35 annual fee

Apply for a Personal Line of Credit now.

Notes & Fees

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates, terms, and fees are subject to change. We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction. If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined. We do authorize and pay overdrafts for checks and other transactions made using your checking account number and automatic bill payments. Beginning August 15, 2010, we will not authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM transactions and everyday debit card transactions unless you ask us to. Contact Gesa for complete program details, fees and disclosures.

Personal Lines of Credit are loans and are dependent on approval of credit. Rates, terms and fees subject to change. Contact Gesa for full program details.

Courtesy Pay: Funds from your corresponding savings account will be transferred first to cover your overdraft, for a $5 fee. If there is not enough in your savings account to cover the overdraft, your account will be charged the standard NSF fee of $29 for handling each item even if paid by the discretionary Courtesy Pay privilege. There is a limit of five fees per day we can charge you for overdrawing your account. This privilege for consumer checking accounts will generally provide at least $100 of overdraft balance coverage. The Courtesy Pay limit may vary based on your checking account history, overdraft transactions, payments and your use of the service. Any and all fees and charges, including the non-sufficient funds fees for paid items using Courtesy Pay as well as returned items (as set forth in Gesa’s fee schedules and disclosures), will be included as part of the Courtesy Pay limit. Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay. For example, we typically do not pay overdrafts if you have met your Courtesy Pay limit; are not in good standing with Gesa; have not maintained the required $5 Primary Savings account deposit; have a Gesa loan that is past due; your Courtesy Pay privileges have been revoked on another Gesa account; or if the amount needed to cover your payment exceeds your Courtesy Pay limit. The total of the discretionary Courtesy Pay (negative) balance, including all fees and charges, is due and payable upon demand, and Depositor and each Authorized Signatory will continue to be liable, jointly and severally, for all such amounts, as described in the Member Account Agreement. Any paid overdrafts are considered an advance on your next deposit.  Accounts must be brought positive within 20 days or the Courtesy Pay limit may be reduced to $0. Accounts must be brought positive within 30 days or the service may be suspended or terminated.

Overdraft Fee Transaction Categories – The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee may be imposed are check, other transactions made using your checking account number, in-person withdrawals, or automatic bill payments. If you have authorized us to pay overdrafts on ATM withdrawals and everyday debit card transactions, an overdraft fee may also be imposed.


Zelle© is a fast and convenient way to send money using the Gesa App or your computer. A cell phone number or an email address makes it easy to split a dinner check with a friend, send money to a student abroad, pay the daycare provider, and more!

Send Money Instantly with Zelle©
Send money to family, friends, and small businesses instantly and securely. Use a cell phone number or email address to pay almost anyone, anywhere*, anytime. It’s as easy and fast as sending an email or text. *within the United States

How it Works
When you enroll with Zelle® through your Gesa Credit Union app, your name, the name of your bank/credit union, and the email address or U.S. cell number you enrolled is shared with Zelle® (no sensitive account details are shared – those stay with Gesa Credit Union). When someone sends money to your enrolled email address or U.S. cell phone number, Zelle® looks up the email address or cell number in its “directory” and notifies Gesa Credit Union of the incoming payment. Gesa Credit Union then directs the payment into your Gesa Credit Union account, all while keeping your sensitive account details private.

This service is easy, fast, secure, and free. You can access Zelle through the Gesa Digital Banking App. If you don’t have our app, download it today!
To learn more about Zelle click here. (link to


U.S. checking, savings or money market account required to use Zelle ®. Transactions between enrolled users typically occur in minutes. Fees associated with text messaging may be assessed by your mobile carrier and data rates may apply.

Payment requests to persons not already enrolled in Zelle ® must be sent to an email address.

Mobile Check Deposit

It’s as easy as Point. Tap. Deposit. Enjoy the convenience of depositing a check right from your cell phone with the Gesa App. It’s fast, secure and FREE!

  • Download the Gesa App
  • Click ‘Check Deposit’
  • Take pictures of your check and deposit!

The Gesa App is available for the iPhone® and iPad® and can be downloaded from Apple Music®. The Gesa App for Android® is also available to download from Google Play®.

Card Manager

Stay in control of all your Gesa Visa® credit and debit cards with Card Manager! The card controls and alerts technology enables you to manage your cards on the go, controlling when they can be used with the card lock/unlock feature, in addition to transaction alerts!

What can you do with Card Manager?
You can lock and unlock your card and receive notification alerts for:

  • Transaction amounts above specified limit (min. $0.01)
  • International/Foreign transactions
  • Card declines
  • ATM withdrawals
  • And more!

Card Manager is available in online banking.

Mobile Wallets

Mobile wallets allow you to securely carry your Gesa Credit Union debit and/or credit card information in a digital form on your mobile device. Instead of using your plastic card, you simply pay for your purchases with your smartphone or other mobile device.

Gesa Credit Union has partnered with Google Pay™, Apple Pay™, and Samsung Pay™ – the latest in mobile payment technology – to offer you these free, secure, and convenient mobile payment options to our members with Visa® debit and/or credit cards.

Fast – No more digging for your wallet! To make it even easier to use your card, set it as the default, or first choice, in your mobile wallet.

Secure – Mobile wallets are even more secure than using your plastic card because your credit and debit card information is not stored on your mobile device and the merchant does not receive the card information, only a unique secure token code for each transaction.

Many devices support fingerprint technology to authorize mobile wallets transactions, making the process even more secure.

Getting Started Is Easy

  • Learn how to set up Apple WalletGoogle Pay, or Samsung Pay.
  • You may need to download the mobile wallets app, but generally, it is already included in your device’s settings.
  • Not all devices are compatible with mobile wallets, but you can check device compatibility by visiting, and
  • Follow your mobile device’s steps to add your Gesa debit and/or credit cards. To designate your Gesa card as your default card, ensure it is the first card on the list of cards you see in the mobile wallets app.
  • Once confirmed with mobile wallets, you can make in-store purchases at thousands of merchants nationwide.

Direct Deposit

The safe way to deposit payroll, social security, or pension funds is through direct deposit. Thousands of Gesa members have payroll and government checks automatically deposited into their savings or checking accounts each month. Direct Deposit is safe, quick, and easy.

For more information about setting up a direct deposit, please contact a Gesa branch by calling (888) 946-4372.

You can access the Direct Deposit Form (PDF) to print and give to your payroll department.
To view PDFs, you may need to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Early Direct Deposit

With early direct deposit, you can often access your funds faster. Direct deposits (ACH transactions) come with filing and settlement dates. The filing date is when we get the transaction data. The settlement date is when we receive the funds.

With early direct deposit, we’ll make those funds available in your account on the filing date. Which generally means two days early when the Fed is open (non-holidays and business days Monday – Friday).

Your direct deposits:

  • Typically post up to 2 days early when not affected by Fed closures on weekends or holidays.
  • Are only available for consumer checking accounts (non-business).
  • Only credits under $10,000 will post early.
  • This feature does not affect debit transactions.
  • You can opt out of early direct deposits.

Payroll Deduction

Have you heard the old adage “Pay yourself first”? Payroll deduction allows you to save automatically. You can specify a dollar amount to be deposited into your savings account each payday. Your savings will grow without lifting a finger!

To sign up for payroll deduction, just contact the payroll department at your place of employment. You may access the Direct Deposit Form (PDF) to print and give to your payroll department.
To view PDFs, you may need to download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Debit Card Round Up

Debit Card Round Up helps grow your savings effortlessly.

For each eligible purchase you make with an enrolled debit card, Gesa will round up the transaction to the next whole dollar. We’ll transfer the rounded-up amount into your savings account the following day.

  • Visit or call any branch to sign up!
  • The rounded-up transaction will occur within two business days.
  • The round-up function will not overdraw your account.
  • You may cancel your participation in the program at any time.

Automatic Account Transfers

Automatic Account Transfers make saving easy. This free service allows you to automatically transfer an amount you authorize each month from your checking to your savings, from savings to checking, or to any other authorized Gesa account. Automatic Account Transfers are different from Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction in that they are not tied to a payroll check.

Ask a Personal Financial Services Representative or call (888) 946-4372 to set up Automatic Account Transfers today!

Email Alerts

Receive alerts by email to stay on top of your account activity or to detect fraud within seconds. You can receive alerts by email at your preferred email address.

Signing up is quick and easy. If you’re an Online Banking user, click on the ‘Alerts’ tab on your computer or phone. You can subscribe to any of the alerts available. Using the edit options, you can select one or more destinations for your alerts. You can choose where you want alert notifications to go on an alert-by-alert basis.


View your statements through Online Banking with a click of a mouse and say goodbye to pesky paper pile-ups.

  • Available anywhere you have Internet access
  • Faster than mailed statements
  • Provide added security against ID theft
  • Archived for up to 18 months
  • Help save trees and free up space in your filing cabinet
  • eStatements are free!
  • End the hassle of keeping files and juggling papers

Visa Checkout

Resources —

Visa Checkout

Online buying is evolving so you can pay with fewer clicks. Paying online with your Gesa Visa® debit or credit card is:

The arrow icon means you no longer have to enter 16-digit primary account numbers, look up passwords, or fill out long forms to make a purchase online where Visa® credit or debit cards are accepted.

Wherever you see the arrow icon and Visa® debit or credit cards are accepted, you’ll enjoy the same time-saving digital checkout.

When you click to pay with Visa®, you can be assured that Visa®’s global payment network is always looking out for you – fighting fraud, reducing risk, and helping to make transactions fast and worry-free. Visa® uses multiple layers of payment security, and its anti-fraud detection system monitors every payment in real-time, analyzing more than 500 unique risk attributes. We will continue working closely with Visa® to safeguard your sensitive payment information and prevent unauthorized use of your card. Protecting you is our top priority.

Click to pay with your Gesa Visa® debit or credit card when you see the icon where Visa® debit or credit cards are accepted.

Additional Resources

Online Banking

It’s easy to sign up online with auto-activation. With Online Banking, you can skip the line and do your banking at home or on the go!

Read More

Credit Sense

Now you can keep track of your credit score and learn tips to improve it—without fear of getting dinged!

Read More

Gesa Telephone Banking

Try Gesa Telephone Banking! It’s fast, convenient, and a handy companion to our Online Banking platform. Call 509.378.3100 or 888.946.4372 to access your account 24 hours a day, when it’s convenient for you. The menu options are customized specific to each member, so you will only hear options applicable to your account.

With Gesa’s Telephone Banking you can:

  • Get balances on your savings, checking, and certificate accounts. (Your Telephone Banking balance does not include amounts available through Courtesy Pay)
  • Verify dates and amounts of direct deposits and/or payroll deductions
  • Find out which checks have cleared, for what amount, and the date of the transaction
  • Transfer funds between your accounts or others you have access to
  • Hear your current loan balance and your next payment due date


Resources —


Gesa offers free, convenient ATM access 24 hours, 7 days a week to our members. Our ATM allows you to:
  • Withdraw cash
  • Transfer funds
  • View your balance
  • Change your debit PIN
  • Set your personal preferences to speed up ATM visits
  • Deposit checks and cash without having to use an envelope or deposit slip
Gesa has 77,000 no-fee ATMs in our network. View Gesa’s ATM Finder to discover all of the convenient locations. With a SmartPlus Checking account you may receive domestic ATM fee refunds up to $4.99 per withdrawal when all account requirements are met for the qualifying period.
Additional Resources

Online Banking

It’s easy to sign up online with auto-activation. With Online Banking, you can skip the line and do your banking at home or on the go!

Read More

Credit Sense

Now you can keep track of your credit score and learn tips to improve it—without fear of getting dinged!

Read More

Credit Sense

Resources —

Credit Sense

Now you can keep track of your credit score and learn tips to improve it—without fear of getting dinged! Take control of your credit with Credit Sense®
  • Available in online banking and on the Gesa app.
  • It pulls your credit profile from TransUnion, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus.
  • The Score Simulator tool lets you see how various actions can affect your score.
  • It’s free, and no credit card information is required to register.
  • Your credit score is updated every seven days, and you can refresh it every 24 hours.
Enrolling in Credit Sense® is easy:
  1. Log into the Gesa app or online banking.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. Then select Credit Sense.
  4. Read and agree to the terms and conditions, check the acknowledgment statement, and select Continue.
Additional Resources

Accidental Death Insurance

Get $1,000 No-Cost coverage—Paid for you by Gesa Credit Union

Help make sure your family can have money to spend for rent, mortgage, utilities, tuition, loan repayment, or for anything they choose when you’re no longer with them.

People helping people.

Gesa credit union is committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Affinity Partner Cards

Affinity debit cards give back to your community when you swipe.

We're in the business of growing yours.

We have the accounts, products, and services to help you and your small business succeed.

Business owner

Business Visa:
A low-rate card made for business owners.

Learn More

Banking made for you.

With best-in-class rates and a variety of everyday banking products, Gesa has the right account, card, or loan for you.

Gesa customer using card

Up to 5.00% APY
On select checking accounts!

Learn More

We have upgraded to a new account opening process. Click Get Started to continue.

Getting started is easy!

Applying should only take a few minutes. Please have these documents ready:

Call (888) 946-4372 or apply at a branch

Already a member?

Use your online banking log-in to pre-fill your application with saved information.

Notes & Fees Glossary

*APY* APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates, terms, and fees are subject to change. APY is accurate as of the first day of the month – the last dividend declaration date.
SmartPlus Checking*To earn the higher rate, you must:
  1. Enroll in eStatements
  2. Make a monthly direct deposit of over $200
  3. Complete 15 debit card transactions
  4. Provide and maintain a valid email address
  5. Limit one account per member
For any month where the account does not meet the qualification requirements, the account will earn a lower rate. Minimum balance of $5 needed to open.Qualifying account balances meet minimum requirements. APY subject to change monthly. Rate may change after the account is opened. The qualifying period begins with the first day of the calendar month and ends on the last day of the calendar month at 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time. No monthly fees and no minimum balance required to maintain account. Minimum opening deposit of $5. Fees could reduce earnings. Limit of one specialty checking account (Smart Plus Checking) per member.

* * * * *