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A smarter way to borrow

Whether you’re buying a car, looking for a student loan, taking out a line of credit, or looking for a hassle-free credit card, we’re here to help you think less about your loan and more about your next big thing.

  • Affordable rates & flexible terms
  • Trusted know-how

Vehicle Loans

Let Gesa help you with your next vehicle.

Home Loans

Borrow from a credit union in the neighborhood.

Personal Loans

Gesa offers a variety of loans that empower you to take charge of your finances and help you reach your financial goals.

Student Loans

You have an education goal – don’t let money get in the way of it.

Home Equity Loans

Pre-approved in a matter of minutes

When applying for a credit card or auto loan, find out what you can afford in a few short minutes. See how much you’re pre-approved for without dinging your credit score by answering a few questions and hitting submit.

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Financial Calculator

We give a hoot about your financial freedom

Talking about money shouldn’t be scary. That’s why we’ve partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness to provide educational resources at no cost. Get wise to what’s possible and start your journey to financial freedom today.

Need a hand? Let Gesa pitch in.

High School Credit Unions

Real life financial experience for high school students.

Local Heroes

The Local Heroes Grants Program awards funds to eligible organizations that support Local Heroes in regions where Gesa is active.


Gesa Credit Union is committed to making a positive impact in the local communities we serve.