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Join our board of directors

We are accepting applications for Associate Board Members. Are you strategic? Do you enjoy learning and applying new skills? Do you have a background in finance, business or risk assessment? We would love to have you join us.

Board of Directors

The board meets monthly to review the performance of the Credit Union and set Credit Union Board policy.  

  • Gregg Andrews Board Chair
  • Geof Griebel Board Vice Chair
  • Andrew Austin Board Secretary
  • Jessica Schneider, M.D. Board Member
  • Bill Melberg Board Member
  • Ben Basson Board Member
  • Manuel Chavallo Board Member
  • Bob Follett Board Member
  • Linda Cowan Board Member
  • Rich Rutkowski Board Member
  • Peter Smith Board Member
  • Brett Spooner Board Member
  • Martin Valadez Torres Board Member
  • Paul Korstad Emeritus Board Member
  • Bill Roberts, Jr. Emeritus Board Member

Supervisory Committee

It is the responsibility of the Supervisory Committee of Gesa Credit Union to monitor the financial safety and soundness of the credit union and to oversee compliance with various financial and regulatory requirements.
An annual opinion audit is conducted by an outside audit firm, at the request of the Supervisory Committee, to manage internal audit functions, ensure proper internal controls are in place, and confirm policies are adhered to. The internal auditors meet with the Supervisory Committee monthly to review internal audit reports, financial statement trends, information protection status, potential fraud issues, risk assessments, and internal control practices. The Committee also closely monitors the results of the state and federal examinations as they occur.
  • Kevin Sullivan
  • Rob McFarland
    Vice Chair
  • Matt Medlin
  • Portia Singian
  • Bob Hamm

The annual stipend ranges between $20,000 and $27,000 for Board members and is based on leadership position(s) held. The annual stipend for Supervisory Committee members ranges between $9,000 and $13,000 and is based on leadership position held.

Board Chair$27,000
Supervisory Committee Chair$13,000
Supervisory Committee Member$9,000
Board Committee Chair$4,000

The Gesa Credit Union Officials Compensation Program began effective January 1, 2019. In 2020, Gesa Credit Union paid its Board and Supervisory Committee the amounts listed below. Gesa Credit Union will report the compensation paid to all Board and Supervisory Committee members for 2022 following the end of the year.

For questions or concerns regarding Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee compensation, please contact the credit union’s Board of Directors at:

Post Office Box 500
Richland, WA 99352

Board MembersCompensation
Andrew Austin$15,000
Ben Basson$15,000
Bill Melberg$21,400
Brett Spooner$18,000
Geof Greibel$15,000
Gregg Andrews$15,600
Linda Cowan$15,000
Manuel Chavallo$15,000
Martin Valadez Torres$18,000
Peter T Smith$15,000
Richard Rutkowski$15,000
Robert Follett$18,000
Roger Reimer – Retired 2020$3,800
William C Bonaudi$15,000
Supervisory Committee MembersCompensation
Bob Hamm$7,000
Kara Rohrig$10,700
Kevin Sullivan$7,300
Matt Medlin$7,000
Rob McFarland$7,000

Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Compensation Schedule

As permitted by law and the Credit Union’s Bylaws, Gesa provides reasonable compensation to the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee for their service to the Credit Union. An annual stipend is payable in quarterly installments in recognition of the education and time requirements that are necessary and expected of Board members, who set the strategic direction of and provide general oversight of the Credit Union, and Supervisory Committee members, who provide oversight regarding the safety and soundness of the Credit Union. 

As required by law, the members of the Credit Union shall be informed of the compensation provided to the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members. 

Annual Meetings


April 14, 2022. If you missed it you can see the highlights of accomplishments and achievements from 2021 in our Annual Report (pdf) and Impact Report (pdf).

Gesa Credit Union Mission, Vision and Values

The credit union motto is at the backbone of Gesa’s core values, mission, and vision – people helping people. We are a dedicated community partner, offer sound financial management, value integrity among our leadership team and organizational culture, and constantly strive to offer great member relations.

Gesa's Mission and Vision

Gesa Credit Union’s mission is to help members prosper by empowering our members through financial education and providing access to a broad range of valued and cost-effective financial products and services.

  1. Members have convenient access to a comprehensive, relevant and innovative range of financial products and services throughout their lives.
  2. Members receive overall rates and fees competitive with other financial institutions.
  3. Members trust that Gesa provides honest advice in their best financial interest, confidentiality, accurate transactions and information, all while safeguarding their information and financial assets.
  4. Members and their families have convenient access to relevant financial education to promote financial literacy and long-term financial wellness.
  5. The Member Service Experience is exceptional as a result of an engaged workforce that is invested in the success of the Credit Union.

Vision: Members choose Gesa as their trusted lifelong financial partner.

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