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Supporting our Local Heroes

With every swipe of a Local Heroes co-branded Gesa Visa® Debit Card, Gesa members earn funds designated for grants in that card’s Local Heroes category (Firefighters, Healthcare Workers, Law Enforcement, Teachers, and Veterans).


The Local Heroes Grants Program awards these funds to eligible organizations that support Local Heroes in regions where Gesa is active.


The funding amounts each year are dependent on the number of funds raised the prior year through the Local Heroes co-branded Gesa Visa® Debit Cards. Grants are awarded in September.

How do I know who is eligible?

To qualify for a Local Heroes grant, an organization must provide proof that the requested project funds will support a Local Heroes population (Firefighters, Healthcare Workers, Law Enforcement, Teachers, and Veterans) in a Gesa community. A Gesa community is defined as a community where Gesa has a physical location.


What is required to complete an application?

Ineligible Requests

Grants will not be awarded for the following:

  • Activities, groups, or events not in a Gesa Community
  • Administrative expenses or expenses such as conference and travel
  • Projects whose primary purpose is religious or political
  • Sponsorship requests that benefit or fund a single individuals’ participation in an event or activity

You can inquire about your grant status or request information by e-mailing

    Still have questions?

    Gesa Credit Union’s Local Heroes Affinity Debit Cards recognize Firefighters, Healthcare Workers, Law Enforcement, Teachers, and Veterans.

    The Local Heroes affinity debit cards fund programs, projects, and initiatives that support Local Heroes populations identified by Gesa: Firefighters, Healthcare workers, Law Enforcement, Teachers, and Veterans. This might include equipment, training, or program support for fire departments, healthcare facilities, police departments, schools, and organizations that work with firefighters, healthcare, law enforcement, teachers, and veterans.

    Every time a Gesa member swipes their Local Heroes affinity debit card, Gesa makes a donation to the fund for that card’s Local Heroes category. Funds accumulate over the course of a year and are disbursed annually. Total amounts given are dependent on debit card usage, so some Local Heroes categories may have more available funds than others.

    The Grants Giving Committee is made up of Gesa employees and community members who work together to evaluate every grant request annually. We use the following criteria as guidelines for our decision-making: connection to a Local Heroes population, financial need, and anticipated impact

    Applications closed July 31, 2021. The Grants Giving Committee will meet during the month of August to read and score applications and select recipients. Your organization will be notified by September 7 if your request was funded or not.

    Yes! Eligible organizations can apply annually whether you are awarded funding or not.

    The Healthcare Heroes card was added to the Local Heroes suite in June 2021. Over the next year, Gesa members will have the opportunity to use a Healthcare Heroes affinity debit card to raise funds to help us fund grants for this Local Heroes category during the next grant application submission round.

    You can inquire about your grant status and request information by emailing

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