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Q: How can I make my payments? (excluding mortgage and credit card

A: You can pay your loan multiple ways; by mailing a payment to PO Box 35058 Seattle, WA 98124-3456 or through Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, Tele-phone payment through audio banking, at the branch or by calling the Contact Center

Q: Can I make my payment automatically? YES

A: Automatic Transfer or Payment Authorization – Add hyperlink to form
A: Internal Transfer Form – Add hyperlink to form

Q: Did GESA sell my loan?

A: No, we just changed the address for our loan payments to PO Box 35058 Seattle, WA, 98124-34560 (excludes credit cards and mortgages)

Q: Did my account number change?

A: No, the account number will remain the same

Q: Will there be a delay in processing my payment?

A: No, this new address will ensure fast and efficient processing of your payment

Q: What happens if I run out of coupons?

A: You should not run out of coupons; we will send the coupons one month prior to your next payment. Verify that your address is correct, and if it is, we
can order them for you or you can order them at search – loan coupon – click on link, the form is toward the bottom of the page

Q: What if I did not receive coupons for my other loan?

A: The coupons are going to be generated prior to your next payment. We are sending them in batches, there may be a week or so delay

Q: Where do I send my credit card payment?

A: Gesa Credit Cards – PO Box 660493 Dallas, TX 75266-0493. This includes Business, Cash Rewards and 450678* Wise
A: Legacy Inspirus Cards – PO Box 60510 City of Ind., CA 91716-0510. This includes 401741* Wise, 430696* Wise and Signature Rewards

*This is the first 6 numbers of your credit card

Q: Where do I send my mortgage payments?

A: PO Box 660592 Dallas, TX 75266-0592

Q: What if I mailed my payment to the old address?

A: Do not worry, we will make sure your payment is processed

Q: What if I use one of my old coupons?

A: Do not worry, we will make sure your payment gets processed

Q: What forms of payments will you accept through the mail?

A: Personal check, Money Order or Cashier Check, please do not send cash

Q: Can I still make my payments on the teller line?

A: Yes, you can still make your payments at the branch

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