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Affinity Partnerships

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Given back to the community



Gesa Credit Union is committed to making a positive impact in the communities we serve by supporting education and Local Heroes. Giving back to community-based organizations has always been at the heart of what we do. In 2015, this commitment reached new heights through our Affinity Debit Card Program. This unique program empowers our members to earn funds for local schools or community organizations just by using their debit card.

Our Affinity Debit Cards are available at no-charge and attach to any Gesa Checking Account.


Gesa’s Collegiate Affinity Debit Cards offer members a great way to show school spirit while positively impacting the lives of students pursuing higher education. Each time these cards are used Gesa members earn funds to support the college or university of their choice. Collegiate card options include WSU, Columbia Basin College, Highline College, and Everett Community College.

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K-12 Schools

Gesa’s High School Affinity Debit Cards offer community members a great way to show school spirit while positively impacting the lives of students. Each time these cards are used Gesa members earn funds for the school of their choice. The funds generated from our High School Affinity Debit Cards empower educators to deliver unmatched opportunities and powerful experiences helping shape a positive future for students across the state. Through this program we are proud to say our members have earned over half a million dollars for Washington State schools!


Local Heroes

Introducing the Healthcare Heroes Card!

Supporting your local heroes has never been easier! With every swipe of your Local Heroes Debit Card, Gesa will donate to grants for healthcare workers, teachers, first responders (fire and police), or veterans throughout Washington state. You choose which group of heroes your card benefits.

Through this program we are proud to say our members have earned more than $100,000 for Local Heroes across Washington State.



Gesa Credit Union is your financial MVP! Only Gesa offers you the option to show your spirit at the ballpark, hockey rink, team store, and wherever Visa® is accepted. These partnerships give fans another opportunity to show their team spirit every time they make a purchase.

Ready to be the ultimate fan and take your favorite Tri-City sports team’s pride wherever you go? Click here to select your Local Sports Affinity Card and order yours today.

How do I get a Local Heroes card?

Getting your card is as simple as asking an associate to upgrade your current card instantly. Any Gesa member with a checking account can switch their card for free and do not need to be affiliated with any of the groups these cards benefit.

How can I learn about the organizations receiving grants from Gesa?

Once a year Gesa will hold a grant funding round where Gesa will solicit grant applications that will be reviewed and awarded. Notification of the grant recipients and application period will be announced on

How much will organizations be awarded?

For every swipe, Gesa will make a small donation to a dedicated grant fund supporting the heroes represented on your card. Applications will be reviewed and funds will be awarded based on the request and level of need.

If I am an eligible organization, how do I apply for a grant?

Annually, Gesa will announce a call for grant applications from eligible organizations. Groups are encouraged to apply and share how they are supporting our local heroes.

How do I know if my organization is eligible for a Gesa Local Heroes Grant?

If your organization is affiliated with or directly supports: healthcare workers, firefighters, veterans, law enforcement, or teachers, you are likely eligible and are encouraged to apply!

I already have a High School Affinity Debit Card. How is this different?

The concept behind each program is nearly identical; they both enrich the communities in which our members live and work. For example, funds from Gesa’s High School Co-Branded debit cards go directly to the school district for student programs. In comparison, funds from Gesa’s Local Heroes Program go to organizations that support healthcare workers, educators, firefighters, law enforcement, or veterans, depending on the card you choose.

Is there a fee to switch my standard Gesa Visa® debit card to a Local Heroes debit card?

Switching your card is absolutely free and easy! Simply visit one of Gesa’s 18 convenient locations and ask an associate to switch your card instantly.

I am not a Gesa member – How do I get a Local Heroes debit card?

Simply visit a Gesa branch and open an account with one of our friendly and helpful associates. While opening your account, be sure to mention you want to support our Local Heroes with your debit card.