Skip A Payment

At Gesa, we offer our members a year-round Skip A Payment program to help grant financial relief when things get tight. Our Skip A Payment program allows you to skip any of your qualifying loan payments one time every twelve months without being considered delinquent - allowing you to free up some cash to cover life’s unexpected challenges.

To skip your payment:

  • Complete the Skip A Payment application, which can be found by clicking ‘Apply Now'.
  • Pay a $35 processing fee* for each loan skipped.
  • All applications must be received at least five calendar days before payment is due.

Which loans qualify?

  • Auto Loans
  • Boat/RV Loans
  • Personal Loans (Excluding FastCash, Mortgage Loans, and Lines of Credit)

In order to qualify for Skip A Payment:

  • Your loan must have been open for at least 12 months at the time of Skip A Payment application.
  • There must be at least 11 months between your last skip and the date of your new Skip A Payment application.
  • You must be in good standing with all accounts and loans.
  • There must be no return check fee balance greater than $25 or late fee balance greater than $25 on your loan.
  • You must have full coverage insurance on your vehicle loan

$1 from each skip will be donated to a local non-profit!

At Gesa, we care about your financial health. If you feel like you are frequently needing to skip your loan payment, or need a little extra help with money management, you may be interested in our free financial counseling and debt management program through our partner GreenPath. If you are interested in this service, please call 877.337.3399 or visit their website at

* A $35 fee will be deducted from your savings, checking, or credit card account. If the fee is not available in your account the skip will not process. This offer is not valid for mortgage, home equity line of credit loans, fixed home equity loans, lines of credit, credit cards, business loans or if your loan has become delinquent. No skip requests will be honored until your loan(s) is brought current. Your normal payment schedule will resume the following payment period after the skip. Loan extensions may extend the term of your loan(s). Interest will continue to accrue on the current balance of the loan(s). The next regular payment(s) you make following an extension will reflect a higher amount paid to interest. If you purchased supplementary products in connection with your loan such as GAP, extended warranty or debt cancellation a Skip A Payment may affect any claim amounts you receive in the future. This offer is non-transferable and non-refundable. One skip per qualified loan every twelve months. Qualifying loans must have been open for at least 12 months at the time of Skip A Payment application. Other exclusions may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Skip A Payment?

Skip A Payment is a program which allows you to skip your payment on your auto, boat/RV, and personal loans one time per year.

Am I eligible for Skip A Payment?

Loans that have not utilized Skip A Payment previously must have been open for a minimum of 12 months and must currently be in active status. Loans that have utilized Skip A Payment in the past must have a minimum of 11 payments between skips and must also be in active status. Additionally, loans must have no outstanding late fees greater than $25, and must not include any unpaid return check fees greater than $25. Loans not eligible for Skip A Payment include: Lines of Credit (LOCs), FastCash loans, mortgage loans, and credit cards.

How do I submit a Skip A Payment application?

Skip A Payment applications can be found by selecting 'Apply Now!' above. Once you have filled out your application, click 'Submit'.

Is there a fee to skip my payment?

Yes, a $35 processing fee will be deducted from your savings, checking, or credit card account when your application is submitted. If the fee is not available in your account, the skip will not be processed. After your Skip A Payment application is submitted, the $35 fee cannot be refunded.

How will my loan be impacted?

The payment that you skip will be added on to the end of your loan term, therefore extending your loan. Interest will continue to accrue during the month that you skipped.

How far in advance of my loan payment due date must I submit my Skip A Payment application?

Your application must be received at least five calendar days before your loan payment is due.

How many times can I skip my payment?

You are able to utilize Skip A Payment once every 12 months per loan as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

What if I have automatic payments already in place?

Before submitting your Skip A Payment application, be sure to cancel any external automatic payments that are currently set up through Xpress Online Banking, Bill Payer, or other financial institutions in order to avoid any unexpected deductions. Make sure to resume your automatic payments after the skipped month has passed.