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Financial Education

Financial education is a cornerstone of our community outreach efforts and we are dedicated to providing valuable information to all age groups. In times of uncertainty, we believe teaching financial literacy and communicating resources available to you can help ease financial stresses.

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General Financial Education

GreenPath Financial Wellness, our trusted partner, offers the following educational resources available to you at no cost.

Preparing for a Financial Emergency

Dealing with a Loss of Income

Financial Education Online Workshops

Emergency Financial Relief

Emergency Financial Relief

Below are local, state, and national financial relief efforts available to you.

Washington State Unemployment Assistance

United States CARES Act

Help Paying Credit Cards

For guidance on what to do if you can’t pay your credit card bill, visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website.

Help Paying Mortgage or Rent

If you are unable to pay your mortgage or rent, contact your lender or landlord immediately. Do not wait until you are behind on payments. Many lenders are working to waive late fees and offer alternative loan repayment options. You can also contact the Washington Homeownership Hotline at 877.894.4663 (that’s 877.894.HOME) for additional information and assistance. Other helpful resources include Consumer Financial Protection BureauHousing Counseling Agencies in Washington, and Rent Assistance and Counseling.

Student Loan Deferment or Forbearance

To get temporary relief and suspend your student loan payments for a short period of time, visit the Federal Student Aid website.

Help Paying Utilities

If you are struggling to pay your utility bills, contact your service provider right way. Many utility service providers are offering emergency assistance programs in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Puget Sound EnergyAvista, Cascade Natural Gas, Pacific Power, Northwest Natural, Washington Water, and City of Seattle.

Resources for Elderly Members

Resources for Elderly Members

If you are over the age of 60, below are resources and information for you including fraud protection, financial relief, and food and transportation assistance.

COVID-19 Resources

The National Council on Aging website offers COVID-19 specific resources available to those over the age of 60 and caregivers.

Protect Yourself from Fraud

Scams and identify theft are an unfortunate part of today’s world. During times of uncertainty, it is important to learn how to protect yourself from fraud.



Location-Based Resources

Looking for assistance in your area? Below are resources available across the state.




Moses Lake


Walla Walla

Seattle Metro Area

Youth Financial Education

Youth Financial Education

For students in Washington, and around the country, schools have shut down and transitioned to online learning. As parents and students acclimate themselves to a new way of learning, we want to encourage families to focus on the positives: the gift of time and togetherness.

Time is one of life’s most valuable assets and we now have the chance to spend more together. Below are free online youth financial education tools, videos, and games you can explore together.

National Credit Union Foundation Presents Biz Kid$

Biz Kid$ is an educational television comedy show that teaches financial education and entrepreneurship to kids and teenagers. It uses sketch comedy, musical guests, special guest speaker appearances, and young actors to explain basic economic concepts. Its motto is “Where kids teach kids about money and business.” Click the buttons below to access Biz Kid$ show episodes (also available on Amazon Prime) and explore financial education games at no cost.



Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions financial education website has a wide variety of free online education tools for students and parents to use, including:


Designed for elementary-aged students and parents who may be teaching students at home.


A series of free videos that teach kids the Save, Spend, Share money management concept.


Helping teenagers get smart about money.

Youth Financial Education Games

Youth Financial Education Games

Learning should be fun, too! Below are free financial games and apps for students of all ages.

Games for Kids: Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Peter Pigs Money Counter
Learning about money is fun with Peter Pig. In this interactive game, kids practice identifying, counting, and saving money while learning fun facts about U.S. currency. After completing the game, players are rewarded with a trip to the virtual store to buy accessories within budget and dress up Peter Pig in fun scenes.

Wise Pockets
Interactive game for kids to learn about managing money. Resource guides for teachers and parents.

H.I.P. Pocket Change
A number of games from the U.S. Mint that teaches kids about currency and managing money.

Games for Preteens and Teenagers: 6th through 12th Grade

Financial Football
Interactive football game that requires players to answer personal finance questions. Lesson plans and other materials by grade level also from Visa®.

Gen I Revolution: Online Personal Finance Game
Developed for middle school and high school students, this online game gives students the chance to learn important personal finance skills as they play and compete against fellow classmates.

Chair The Fed Game
Learn how monetary policy works by taking charge of a simulated economy.

Plan’it Prom App
To help combat the high cost of prom, Visa’s free app helps teens and parents budget for every prom-related expense.

Stock Market Game
The Stock Market Game is the right tool to help students build a fundamental understanding of investing while using real-world skills practice in math, language arts, economics, social studies, and other subjects.



Gesa is committed to helping you reach prosperity through financial education and we are proud to honor that commitment through our new on-demand webinars.

Our online programming is now available for on-demand viewing — empowering you to become financially savvy on your schedule! We will continue to announce through our social media channels when new webinars are made available.

Paying for College

Description: Learn what drives college costs, what families typically pay, review Gesa scholarship opportunities, and discuss available financial aid options to help cover college costs.

Watch this Webinar

Assembling a Successful Application

Description:  Review a timeline for developing the four key elements of your college admissions packet: course transcripts, standardized testing results, admissions essays, and a description of extracurricular activities.

Watch this Webinar

Planning Ahead for Your College Career

Description: Learn how to build a semester-by-semester plan for high school students and families to maximize their opportunities to successfully enroll in the college of their choice.

Watch this Webinar

Money Management Through Transitions Webinar

Description: Going through a transition in life can cause financial challenges. Whether these life transitions are intentional or involuntary, money management is key to reducing stress and navigating financial challenges successfully. This webinar will equipment you with the knowledge and tools to successfully manage your money during life transitions, and start a long-term plan to financial freedom.

Webinar Workbook: Before starting the webinar, open or print the free Money Management Through Transition Workbook.

Fighting Today’s Fraud

Description: We want our members to be fully empowered to avoid or recover from fraudulent activity. This webinar will guide you through current fraud trends, ways to protect yourself from fraud, new trends during COVID-19, next steps should you become a victim of fraud and additional resources available.

Watch this Webinar

Preparing for College Admissions During COVID-19

Description: Dr. Rich Quadrel of Sage College Prep Services joins us to discuss the impacts that COVID-19 has made, and offer suggestions for high school families on how to navigate the current situation while staying on course for college preparation and admissions.

Watch the Webinar

Financial Flix

Financial Flix

Gesa is committed to helping you reach prosperity through financial literacy. To continue empowering you in becoming financially savvy, we are putting financial education at your fingertips with our Financial Flix video series.

These short videos are designed to provide relevant financial education and details about our products and services for you to enjoy at your convenience. New videos will debut continually with a variety of topics, including the credit union difference, understanding how credit scores work, an overview of our High School Affinity Debit Card Program, and more.

The Credit Union Difference

How Credit Scores Work

High School Affinity Debit Card Program

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