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Forms Printing Instructions

Information & Instructions

Printing Forms

Be sure to have your printing set-up in Acrobat as “actual size.” Please note that the default printing set-up in Acrobat is “fit to paper.” Fit to paper causes the form to expand to the paper size, sometimes very large. Paper size for all forms is 8.5 x 11.

Account Fees & Disclosures

Account fees & disclosures

How your accounts are Federally Insured

Membership forms

Membership Forms

Change of Address Form: Use this form to inform us of a change in your home address. You will be redirected to DocuSign, where your identity will be verified prior to completing and submitting the Address Change Form.

Change in Ownership Status: Use this form if you have had a change in your account status and wish to remove someone from the joint ownership on your account.

Deposit Slips: Use this deposit slip if you need to mail in a deposit or loan payment when you’re out of the area.

Direct Deposit, ACH, Wire Info Sheet: Are you interested in arranging a Direct Deposit with your employer or government check? Do you want to set up a third-party debit (payment) from your Gesa account to another vendor? Or do you need to give wire instructions to a third party to wire funds into your Gesa account? This is the form for you. Fill out the form, print it and use it to relay the information to your employer or third-party vendor. This is not a form you return to Gesa.d

Consumer Wires & Transfers

Consumer Wires & Transfers

Loan Applications

Loan Applications

Business Visa Credit Card application. This is a form that can be filled out online and sent by email to the Gesa Member Business Loan Department.

Business Wires & ACH Activity

Business Wires & ACH Activity

Tax Information

Tax Forms & Information

Tax season can be a stressful time locating, and waiting for, the forms you need in order to file. We want to make the process easy and have conveniently compiled the information you need to successfully file your taxes. For additional information about tax forms, please visit

Form 1099-INT is issued to each member when:

  • You have earned at least $10 in interest in the previous year.
  • If foreign tax on interest in the previous year was withheld or paid.
  • If any federal income tax under the backup withholding rules was withheld, and was not refunded, regardless of the amount of the payment.

Approximate Date Sent by Gesa: January 31
Access Form 1099-INT

Form 1099-R is issued to each member who has received a designated distribution from:

  • Profit-sharing or retirement plan accounts.
  • Any individual retirement arrangements (IRAs).
  • Annuities, pensions, insurance contracts, or survivor income benefit plans.
  • Permanent and total disability payments under life insurance contracts.
  • Charitable gift annuities, etc.

Approximate Date Sent by Gesa: January 31
Access Form 1099-R

Form 1098 is for you to report mortgage interest of $600 or more received during the year.

Approximate Date Sent by Gesa: January 31
Access Form 1098

Form 5498
is issued to any member who has any individual retirement arrangement (IRA), including a deemed IRA under section 408(q).

Approximate Date Sent by Gesa: May 31 
Access Form 5498
(contributions can be made from the previous year through April of the current year)

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