Social Engineering

Be Aware of Social Engineering

Have you given your personal information to anyone recently? Social engineering can happen through a phone call, text message, email, or in-person.

These communications are designed to get you to do something, such as clicking on a link, entering your information into a website, or making you think something is wrong and that they have the solution. The messages typically create a sense of urgency.


Protect Yourself From Fraud

Fraudsters can get your personal information from data breaches, social media, or by theft to name a few. They use the information to build a profile and socially engineer you. One of the more common social engineering scams we see takes place over the phone or text message. A member might receive a text claiming to be from the Fraud Department, asking you to verify recent charges on your account.

The best thing to do when someone calls you claiming to be from the credit union is to hang up and call Gesa's Member Contact Center at 888.946.4372.

Hang up and call Gesa

Gesa will never ask you over the phone for your full account number, online banking username, online banking password, ATM, debit, or credit card pin, CV2 (the 3 digit code on the back of your card), or your expiration date.