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Online Banking

Online Banking is a FREE account manager for Gesa members. It's easy to sign up online with auto-activation. With Online Banking, you can skip the line and do your banking at home or on the go!

  • Perform real-time transactions
  • View account history, including loan, certificate, and checking
  • View eStatements and the monthly member newsletter
  • Schedule recurring or one-time transfers between accounts
  • Sort your accounts by name, balance, or account type
  • Send secure, encrypted messages to Gesa support staff
  • Set up email reminders for low balance, deposits, and more

Connect to your money 24/7. Sign up for Online Banking today!

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Gesa Mobile Banking

Online Banking for those on the go!

If you have an internet-enabled cell phone or mobile device, you now have three convenient ways to connect to your accounts using Gesa Mobile Banking.

Web App

Point the browser on your mobile device to for quick and convenient access to all of your account balances and to make transfers between accounts.

iPhone®, iPad®, and Android®

Download Gesa Mobile Banking for your phone: Managing your accounts, making transfers, and paying bills is even easier with our downloadable apps! Gesa Mobile Banking for iPhone® and iPad® are now available for download from the iTunes® App Store for FREE. Gesa Mobile Banking for Android® is now available for download from Google Play®.

Register for your mobile account from within the Gesa Mobile Banking App.

Text Banking

To set up Text Banking, click here. Once the enrollment process is complete, your mobile device will receive a text message from 46379. Click here to view frequently asked questions.

Bill Payer

Bill Payer is FREE! Pay your bills with Bill Payer through Online Banking.

No stamps, no envelopes, no writing checks, no trips to the Post Office! Schedule and pay recurring bills such as the phone, utility, and mortgage, or make a one-time payment anytime! It's convenient and right at your fingertips.

What Can You Do With Bill Payer?

  • Make one-time, or recurring payments
  • Stay in touch with the credit union via encrypted, secure system messaging
  • You can make payments to anyone who has an address

Ready to get started?

All you need is a computer, internet access, and Online Banking. Then, click here to visit Online Banking.


View your statements through Online Banking with a click of a mouse, and say goodbye to pesky paper pile-ups.

  • Available anywhere you have Internet access
  • Faster than mailed statements
  • Provide added security against ID theft
  • Archived for up to 18 months
  • Help save trees and free up space in your filing cabinet
  • eStatements are free!

End the hassle of keeping files and juggling papers.

Gesa Alerts App

Gesa is now offering Gesa Alerts through Visa! With Gesa Alerts, you can easily and securely setup Gesa debit and credit card alerts anytime, anywhere all from your phone! Once you've created a secure passcode for logging on, you'll have access to setup and manage your FREE card account alerts to help you monitor your card account activity such as:

  • Threshold alerts
  • Foreign transactions alerts
  • Transactions at gas stations and convenience stores
  • Purchase activity alerts
  • Card not present alerts

All of these and many other useful alerts are available to help protect you and your account from fraud while monitoring the transactions you choose.

Your security is our priority. Mobile data transmissions and account information are protected by 128-bit encryption, just like they are when you use Online Banking, to prevent unauthorized access.

Download the Gesa Alerts app through Google Play here.

Download the Gesa Alerts app through iTunes App Store here.

If you have trouble downloading or using the Gesa Alerts app, please contact 1.855.232.0671.

Mobile Check Deposit

It's as easy as Point. Tap. Deposit. Enjoy the convenience of depositing a check right from your mobile phone with Gesa's new Mobile Banking app. It's fast, secure and FREE!

  • Download the Gesa Mobile Banking app
  • Click 'Check Deposit'
  • Take pictures of your check and deposit!

Click here to view step-by-step directions on how to use Mobile Check Deposit.

Gesa's Mobile Banking app is available for the iPhone®and iPad® and can be downloaded from the iTunes® App Store. Gesa Mobile Banking for Android® is also available to download from Google Play®.

Online Check Deposit

Save yourself the time and hassle of taking paper checks to a Member Service Center or ATM and deposit them from right from your home computer for FREE! Simply upload a scanned image or photo of your check front and back, and then follow these easy steps.

  • Sign in to Online Banking
  • Click 'Online Deposits' to enroll
  • Once enrolled, click the ‘start a new deposit’ button
  • Select the account you want to deposit into and enter the check amount.
  • Upload your check images
  • Submit your deposit

Call-24 Telephone Banking

Try Call-24 Telephone Banking! It’s fast, convenient, and a handy companion to Online Banking. Call 943.0146 or 888.946.4372 to access your account 24 hours a day, when it's convenient for you. The menu options are customized specific to each member, so you will only hear options applicable to your account.

With Call-24 Telephone Banking you can:

  • Get balances on your savings, checking, and certificate accounts. (Your Telephone Banking balance does not include amounts available through Courtesy Pay)
  • Find out which checks have cleared, for what amount, and the date of the transaction
  • Transfer funds between your accounts or others you have access to
  • Verify dates and amounts of direct deposits and/or payroll deductions
  • Hear your current loan balance and your next payment due date

Gesa ATMs

Gesa offers free, convenient ATM access 24 hours, 7 days a week to our members. Our tech-savvy ATM allows you to:

  • Withdraw cash
  • Transfer funds
  • View your balance
  • Change your debit PIN
  • Set your personal preferences to speed up ATM visits
  • Deposit checks and cash without having to use an envelope or deposit slip

Gesa has 77,000 no-fee ATMs in our network. View Gesa’s ATM Finder to discover all of the convenient locations. And if you have a Colossal Checking account you will receive unlimited domestic ATM fee refunds and will never have to worry about an ATM surcharge again.

Gesa P2P Express

Gesa P2P Express allows you to send money, request money, and make payments.

Send Money

P2P allows you to send money to friends and family confidently and securely. If you owe a friend money, or if you would like to send a family member some cash, you can pay them back in a few clicks.

Make a Payment

If you need to make a payment for an item or service, you can simply send money by using the seller’s email address. This process is secure and simple.

This service is easy, fast, secure, and free. You can access P2P Express from Gesa’s Mobile App or from your computer. Click here to get started today!


No single transfer may exceed $500. More restrictive limits may be temporarily imposed for security purposes.

In many cases, if the receiver is using a debit card, the funds will be accepted in real time. However, if the receiver does not have an participating debit card, and uses their checking account number, the funds will transfer via the ACH network and can take up to three business days. Currently any debit card with the CU24, NYCE, Shazam or STAR network on the back of card will be real time. Transfers from/to any Gesa debit card is real time.

Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

The safe way to deposit payroll, social security, or pension funds is through direct deposit. Thousands of Gesa members have payroll and government checks automatically deposited into their savings or checking accounts each month. Direct Deposit is safe, quick, and easy.

For more information about setting up a direct deposit, please contact our Member Contact Center by calling 888.946.4372.

Payroll Deduction

Have you heard the old adage "Pay yourself first"? Payroll deduction allows you to save automatically. You can specify a dollar amount to be deposited into your savings account each payday. Your savings will grow without lifting a finger!

To sign up for payroll deduction, just contact the payroll department at your place of employment. You may access this form to print and give to your payroll department.

Automatic Account Transfers

Automatic Account Transfers make saving easy. This free service allows you to automatically transfer an amount you authorize each month from your checking to your savings, from savings to checking, or to any other authorized Gesa account. Automatic Account Transfers are different from Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction in that they are not tied to a payroll check.

Ask a Personal Financial Services Representative or call 888.946.4372, Ext. 1201 to set up Automatic Account Transfers today!

Email Alerts

Receive alerts by email to stay on top of your account activity or to detect fraud within seconds. You can receive alerts by email at your preferred email address.

Signing up is quick and easy. If you're an Online Banking user, click on the ‘Alerts’ tab inside Online Banking. You can subscribe to any of the alerts available. Using the edit options, you can select one or more destinations for your alerts. You can choose where you want alert notifications to go on an alert-by-alert basis.