Skip A Payment

Applying for a Skip A Payment is quick and easy! Simply fill out the form below and submit it electronically.

Note: Before submitting your Skip A Payment application, be sure to cancel any external automatic payments that are currently set up through Xpress Online Banking, Bill Payer, or other financial institutions in order to avoid any unexpected deductions. Make sure to resume your automatic payments after the skipped month has passed.

If you have made a payment on your loan today you must wait 24 hours to apply to Skip A Payment for your next loan payment period.

A $35 processing fee will be deducted within 24 hours from your savings, checking, or credit card account that you indicate in the ‘Fee Payment Account’ field below.

Upon submittal of this application you should receive a confirmation message via the email that you provide below. If you do not receive a confirmation message within a few minutes of submittal please re-submit, as this means your application did not go through.

In order to qualify for Skip A Payment:

  • Your loan must have been open for at least 12 months at the time of Skip A Payment application
  • There must be at least 11 months between your last skip and the date of your new Skip A Payment application
  • You must be in good standing with all accounts and loans
  • There must be no return check fee balance greater than $25 or late fee balance greater than $25 on your loan
  • You must have full coverage insurance on your vehicle loan

Basic Information
Account Information

If you are within 5 days of your due date, we will make every effort to process your request in time if approved. However, we cannot guarantee that the extension will be processed in time for the month requested.

Other Information

By your electronic signature above and submitting this Skip a Payment request, you agree to the Loan Extension Terms and Conditions, which amend your Consumer Loan Agreement.