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Consumer Reporting Agencies

If you’re a victim of fraud, what should you do?

  • File a police report. Contact your local agency even if you feel that you have not suffered a loss. Scammers' activity may not appear until a long time after. Be prepared.
  • File an affidavit with your creditors. Most companies have an affidavit for situations such as these if you have suffered a loss or have become a victim.
  • Contact your creditors. Make sure to keep records such as statements or creditor correspondence. Document any phone conversation with names of representatives, dates and times. Follow up in writing with all contacts that you have made on the phone or in person. Use certified mail and request a return receipt.
  • Monitor your credit reports. Victims of identity theft should closely review financial records for several months after they discover the crime. Victims should review their credit reports once every three months in the first year of the theft, and once a year thereafter. Stay alert for other signs of identity theft.