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Protect Your Account From Fraud

There have recently been some confirmed cases of credit card skimmers at local gas stations. Gas station credit card skimmers are external devices that thieves attach over a real credit card slot at a gas station pump. As customers swipe their cards into the skimmer, the device saves and stores card information immediately. And if you pay with a debit card and input your PIN, the skimmer will steal your PIN too.

What to look for: If a credit card slot looks different from the other card readers at the station, it might be a setup for a credit card skimming fraud.

What to do: Instead of selecting “debit,” select “credit” and input your zip code to protect your PIN from being stolen. Also, keep a close eye on your bank account and report any suspicious activity.

Gesa would like to take this opportunity to remind our members how to keep their information safe and secure. The security of your financial information is our highest priority. Please see the information below for additional steps you can take to protect your financial information from being compromised.

Gesa Card Security

Travel Tips for Gesa Members

Getting ready for travel? Before you take that next trip, please give us a call at 888.946.4372 to let us know. This allows us to notate your account of your travel plans and recognize true fraudulent activity. To protect against theft and unauthorized use of your Gesa credit and debit cards, Gesa monitors your card activity 24 hours a day. If we notice suspicious activity on one of your cards, we'll contact you while you're on the road—just to confirm if the activity is authorized.

Steps to Protect your Account

In addition to notifying Gesa when you travel, here are seven practical steps you can take to protect against card fraud and to spot it when it happens:

  • Keep your contact information up-to-date in case we need to contact you to verify suspicious activity.
  • Check your account statement regularly and immediately report any transactions that you don't recognize.
  • Avoid obvious PINs, such as a birth date, any year, the last four digits of your Social Security or phone number.
  • Do not write down your PIN in an obvious place. Often, when fraud occurs with debit cards, the cardholder has written the PIN on the card itself.
  • Match your credit card receipts against monthly bills to make sure there are no unauthorized charges.
  • Destroy all receipts before discarding them since some may have your card number printed on them.
  • Guard your card. Don't use it as collateral or give out your card number over the phone, unless you initiated the call for a purchase.
  • Check your credit report at least annually to ensure its accuracy

PrivacyArmor Identity Theft Protection

Gesa Credit Union has partnered with InfoArmor, a leading identity theft provider in the U.S., to protect you and your family. PrivacyArmor, offered by InfoArmor, quickly alerts you to suspicious activity before major damages are done to your reputation and credit. Plus, get social media reputation monitoring for your family.

Gesa Credit Union Member Discounted Pricing:

  • Individual Plan - $9.95/month
  • Family Plan - $14.95/month

PrivacyArmor Includes:

  • Identity monitoring to uncover fraud quickly.
  • CreditArmor to make it easy to monitor your credit.
  • Social Media Reputation Monitoring to protect your entire family against reputational damage including racist, violent, derogatory, vulgar, or inappropriate comments on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.
  • WalletArmor is an online vault for securely storing documents, credit cards and online accounts, plus a lost wallet replacement service.
  • Digital Identity offers an easy-to-read report that summarizes what a real-time deep Internet search discovers about you.
  • Personalized customer care when you need it most.
  • Plus more!

Click here to enroll!

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