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Joaquin's Story

Name: Joaquin G.

Employee Since: 2016

Joaquin's Story: I didn’t care for school much. Actually thought of dropping out a few times. But then once I turned 14, my parents took me to work with them in the fields. And after that day, it’s been different. I work at Gesa Credit Union as a student intern. I’ve been able to appreciate everything my parents did for me and now I’m on track to graduate on time.

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Naomi's Story

Name: Naomi M.

Employee Since: 2014

Naomi's Story: I am a really quirky person and I come from Gesa Credit Union. I play the ukulele. What I really like to do is take rap songs and then I’ll figure out how to make them acoustic. I really would say that Gesa truly is a family. Gesa treats its members with so much empathy, honesty, and so much kindness. It’s pretty great, I love it.

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Marisol's Story

Name: Marisol G.

Employee Since: 2008

Marisol's Story: I work for the Commercial Services Department at Gesa Credit Union and I help small businesses be successful. Small businesses are what run our community. The more successful small businesses that we can have here locally is the best thing that can happen as we grow as a community. When Gesa says Every Member Matters, it’s very, very true.

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Lisa & Miette's Story

Name: Lisa & Miette N.

Members Since: 2006

Lisa & Miette's Story: Miette means little crumb of something sweet, like a pastry in French. In 2012, she was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. We set up a benefits account at Gesa. We use Gesa because they are a part of our community. I believe we take care of each other. She was the queen bee of our family before cancer, after cancer she's like the empress.

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Melinda's Story

Name: Melinda G.

Member Since: 2013

Melinda's Story: I am a WSU Tri-Cities student in the viticulture and enology program. I love seeing those grape clusters turn into wine in the future. I’m pretty simple; I don’t have a lot of investments or anything. No Swiss accounts. My relationship with Gesa is kind of like a friend. Everybody that I’ve met in or around Gesa has been very friendly, very open, they’re just easy to talk to.

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The Kinney's Story

Name: Porter and Kate K.

Member Since: 1999

The Kinney's Story: My vision has always just been to make the best barbeque I can. We started in a 1977 Dodge Sportsman food truck and hoped that at least 10 people would come a day. I made everything I possibly could make and in an hour it was gone and I thought “Ok well, we need something bigger than this.” We quickly needed to find the funds in order to open the restaurant and that’s when we decided to turn to Gesa to get our business loan. My experience has been great, try Gesa out.

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Mark's Story

Name: Mark G.

Member Since: 2014

Mark's Story: My wife and I took a trip down to Salem, Oregon and went to this tap house. We decided ok, this is our business. Brews Taphouse was hatched. Gesa was invested in my idea. When I called Gesa, I was talking to a person that was actually going to help me fund my dream and it was reassuring.

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Melissa's Story

Name: Melissa R.

Member Since: 2015

Melissa's Story: Sherman came to our family through a friend who knew that he needed a new home. He follows me around the house and he tells me when my little boy is going to have a seizure. Connection in the community is invaluable. Without connections, we wouldn’t have Sherman. When I walked into my local Gesa branch, they wanted to know me. It made me feel comfortable. They treat me as if I have a million dollars in the account.

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The Frichette's Story

Name: Greg & Shae F.

Members Since: 2014

Greg and Shae's Story: Greg is from Pasco. I'm from South Carolina. When we decided to have a family, we said well let's flip a coin. Heads it's Washington State and tails it's South Carolina, and it came up heads. We opened Frichette winery in 2013. We've been Gesa members for a year. The financial side of owning your own business is stressful and it's nice to have a support system around you to help get a small business off the ground.

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Rachel's Story

Name: Rachel C.

Member Since: 2009

Rachel's Story: I'm a hard working girl who is brave, smart, talented, but not very good at saving money. I went into the Gesa branch and asked them for help and they gave me some advice on how to save. I'm saving for college, for my own car, and for a dog because I like dogs. I could go online, but I prefer the branches because it's more one on one.

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Sara's Story

Name: Sara V.

Member Since: 2000

Sara's Story: I am a life long Walla Wallan. I love walking down the street and seeing people I know. It's fun that Gesa is right by my house. It's half a block from my house and it's part of our neighborhood. I do all my banking in person. I don't have my bank far away or something that I don't know the people there.

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Sarah's Story

Name: Sarah M.

Member Since: 2014

Sarah's Story: Having a family was very hard for my husband and I. We went through a lot of infertility problems. When we had our first home, all we wanted was noise. And that’s what my home is, its loud, its chaos, its fun. And it’s something that we want to have forever. 

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Paul's Story

Name: Paul D.

Member Since: 1995

Paul's Story: This is a story about a couple who owns and runs a business. I became a chiropractor because it helped me get through some health issues I was having. Gesa was the only place that I thought of. I knew I was going to choose Gesa. Jeremy is our Loan Officer; he really helped guide everything because I had no idea where to even begin. He was there every step of the way. 

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Erika's Story

Name: Erika M.

Member Since: 2011

Erika's Story: My family - I love them and I would do anything for them. Being a nurse, it’s my passion. I love helping people in any way that I can. I wanted to go to school, but I didn’t have the money for it. Getting the scholarship from Gesa was amazing. I wouldn’t be sitting here right now if it wasn’t for their contribution to my education.

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Mirko's Story

Name: Mirko M.

Member Since: 2010

Mirko's Story: I came here from former Yugoslavia and I started from zero. I worked on cars before you know. USA Brake and Auto Repair is my business. Gesa Credit Union helped me and helped my family. This is a great country with great opportunity for everybody. If I can do it, you can do it too.

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Daniel & Sharee's Story

Name: Daniel & Sharee

Member Since: 2010

Daniel and Sharee's Story: When I first had Daniel, I kicked everybody out of the room because the Seahawks were coming on and that was our first opportunity to bond. With being just him and I, it’s very important that he has a good solid foundation and Gesa helps to provide that.

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Thad's Story

Name: Thad S.

Member Since: 2012

Thad's Story: I grew up on a farm and have been around agriculture all my life. Royal Organic Products composts materials from all over the region. In our business we’re about what tools work. We went to several banks, but Gesa was able to wrap their heads around our vision. It’s not just numbers to them and I think that’s very important.

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Robert's Story

Name: Robert G.

Member Since: 2009

Robert's Story: Having served in the military it gave me an understanding of what it means to not just serve your country but serve your people. Community isn’t just important for the people, it’s also important for the businesses that serve them. You can take a look around and see the Carousel of Dreams, Gesa Stadium, Habitat for Humanity and you can see Gesa’s presence in the community.

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