Important Notices

  • Fraudulent Texts and Calls

    Have you received a text message or phone call from an 800 number regarding your debit card being temporarily locked? Please be aware that this message was not sent by Gesa and should not be responded to. If you have provided personal information over text or phone, please contact us immediately at 888.946.4372 during business hours or 877.745.4562 for after hours assistance.


    As a reminder, Gesa Credit Union will never ask for your personal information or PIN number over the phone. Click here for more information about how to protect yourself from fraud.

Local Heroes Affinity Card Program

With every swipe of your Local Heroes debit card, Gesa will make a small donation to the Local Heroes Fund at Gesa. The money raised from your use of these cards will be used to fund grants for fire departments, police departments, teacher’s groups, and veteran’s organizations, or those that support them, throughout the state of Washington.

How do I get a Local Heroes card?

Getting your card is as simple as asking an associate to upgrade your current card instantly. Any Gesa member with a checking account can switch their card for free and do not need to be affiliated with any of the groups these cards benefit.

How can I learn about the organizations receiving grants from Gesa?

Once a year Gesa will hold a grant funding round where Gesa will solicit grant applications that will be reviewed and awarded. Notification of the grant recipients and application period will be announced on

How much will organizations be awarded?

For every swipe, Gesa will make a small donation to a dedicated grant fund supporting the heroes represented on your card. Applications will be reviewed and funds will be awarded based on the request and level of need.

If I am an eligible organization, how do I apply for a grant?

Annually, Gesa will announce a call for grant applications from eligible organizations. Groups are encouraged to apply and share how they are supporting our local heroes.

How do I know if my organization is eligible for a Gesa Local Heroes Grant?

If your organization is affiliated with, or directly supports, firefighters, veterans, law enforcement, or teachers, you are likely eligible and are encouraged to apply!

I already have a High School Co-Branded Debit Card. How is this different?

The concept of the programs are nearly identical; they enrich the communities in which our members live and work. For example, Gesa’s High School Co-Branded debit cards funds go directly to the school district for student programs. Whereas, Gesa’s Local Heroes Program allows you to directly support individual teachers and/or organizations that support educators. Gesa’s firefighters, law enforcement, and veterans cards function the same; each swipe helps you support our Local Heroes.

Is there a fee to switch my standard Gesa Visa® debit card to a Local Heroes debit card?

Switching your card is absolutely free and easy! Simply visit one of Gesa’s 18 convenient locations and ask an associate to switch your card instantly.

I am not a Gesa member – How do I get a Local Heroes debit card?

Simply visit a Gesa branch and open an account with one of our friendly and helpful associates. While opening your account, be sure to mention you want to support our Local Heroes with your debit card.