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Free Member Seminars

Seminars are a powerful expression of Gesa's commitment to financial education. Invite your friends, whether they are members or not, because our seminars are available to all.

Seminar Schedule

Power of the Purse: Planning for the Unplanned

Life can throw unexpected challenges our way. Being armed with information can help you navigate your path forward and recover to avoid havoc on your finances. This session will focus on how to plan for unexpected events like a loss of income or death of a spouse. Learn how to protect yourself and your children from identity fraud and what insurance needs are best for your family.

Power of the Purse: Investing in Your Future

It’s never too early or too late to prepare for your future. This session provides attendees at any stage in life with the tools needed to move forward with their financial plan. Learn how to plan for financial security, investing basics and goal setting. We’ll also cover what to look for in a financial planner and how to protect yourself against investment fraud. Find out how planning and investing can open the doors to your financial freedom.

Power of the Purse: Protecting Your Future

Are your important financial documents cluttered in your cabinet? Learn how to save time by keeping your financial records organized. Attend this seminar to learn what records to keep, what to have handy in case of a disaster, and how to take a home inventory to keep your assets protected.

My First Credit Card

Finding the right first-time credit card can be overwhelming, and potentially expensive. Learn how to find the right first-time credit card to fit your needs, and how to use it to build your credit.

Steps to Financial Freedom

Achieving lifelong financial success can sometimes seem like an overwhelming task, however, developing a step-by-step plan can help you gain long-term control of your finances. Attend this session to learn more about assessing your current situation, better budgeting tactics, setting financial goals and spending tips.

Power of the Purse: Planning for Your Child's Future

As tuition costs continue to rise, paying for higher education can become difficult. In this workshop you’ll learn how to make continuing education a reality. This session will cover funding sources for college, financial aid, and scholarships. We’ll also cover how to teach your children to be financially responsible, how to distinguish between wants and needs and how to use credit wisely. This workshop is a must for parents wishing to teach their children financial responsibility at any age.

Power of the Purse Seminar Series

Making thoughtful and informed decisions about your family’s finances is now more important than ever. Learn how you can plan for a more secure financial future by attending Gesa’s Power of the Purse series. Focusing on women and mothers of all ages and circumstances, Power of the Purse provides resources for utilizing income, setting goals, budgeting, preparing for life’s unexpected changes, as well as tips for raising a financially fit family. Each session will feature a presentation from a local expert followed by a Q&A session.

Know Your Score: Understanding Your Credit Score

If you’re new to credit or just looking for a quick refresher, 'Know Your Score: Understanding Your Credit Score' is the overview you’ve been looking for. Attend this session to learn about the basics of your credit score, why your credit score is important, and tips that lead to a better credit score.

Identity Theft: Don’t Wait Until it Happens to You

Have you been a victim of recent data breaches or identity theft and aren’t sure what steps to take next? Over 15 million people are victimized each year by one of the fastest growing crimes around the world. Identity theft can happen to anyone at any time. Don’t wait until it happens to you. Join us for a free seminar presented by Gesa’s Compliance Supervisor and learn how to protect yourself from identity theft. Those who attend this session will learn more about common practices, signs of identity theft, recovery, and prevention tips.

Financial Boot Camp Series

The process of transitioning out of the military is a life-changing experience for service members; whether they served four years or forty. Settling into a “normal” civilian life may seem daunting and challenging once a service member has completed their military service and begins to settle in after a life of deployments, relocations, and other adjustments many non-service members do not experience. One thing that often gets put on the back burner is financial health and, for some, the desire to start their own business. Gesa will be partnering with Worksource, TRIDEC, and Columbia Basin College to help Financial Boot Camp participants focus on becoming financially fit. This series will provide resources for utilizing new levels of income, budgeting, setting financial goals, the VA home loan benefit, and current incentives for veterans to start their own business. Each session will feature a presentation from a local expert followed by a question and answer period. Those who attend will receive an entry in the drawing for a $500 Visa gift card for each session they attend.

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Seminar Schedule

Seminars are a powerful expression of Gesa's commitment to financial education. Invite your friends, whether they are members or not, because our seminars are available to all.

Wenatchee Member Service Center, 1005 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, WA 98801
Starts at: 06:15 PM
Presenter: Cassidy Cook
Barnard Griffin Winery, 878 Tulip Lane, Richland, WA 99352
Starts at: 06:00 PM
Presenter: Jennifer Casler

Note: Seminar dates, times and locations can change without notice. If you have not registered at least one week in advance, please call to register and verify the schedule.

Onsite Presentations

Gesa offers free financial literacy materials and workshops to high schools, colleges, clubs, businesses, and other groups. There is no cost for speakers or materials and each presentation can be tailored to suit the needs of your group or organization. Click here for a list of current topics.

Invite a credit union expert to visit your business, school, group or organization today. Simply fill out the form below and we'll follow up with you shortly to discuss your requirements. For more information contact an Education and Outreach Specialist by calling 509.378.3546.

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