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Gesa is committed to helping you reach prosperity through financial education and we are proud to honor that commitment through our new on-demand webinars.

Our online programming is now available for on-demand viewing — empowering you to become financially savvy on your schedule! We will continue to announce through our social media channels when new webinars are made available.

Paying for College

Description: Learn what drives college costs, what families typically pay, review Gesa scholarship opportunities, and discuss available financial aid options to help cover college costs.

Assembling a Successful Application

Description:  Review a timeline for developing the four key elements of your college admissions packet: course transcripts, standardized testing results, admissions essays, and a description of extracurricular activities.

Planning Ahead for Your College Career

Description: Learn how to build a semester-by-semester plan for high school students and families to maximize their opportunities to successfully enroll in the college of their choice.

Money Management Through Transitions Webinar

Description: Going through a transition in life can cause financial challenges. Whether these life transitions are intentional or involuntary, money management is key to reducing stress and navigating financial challenges successfully. This webinar will equipment you with the knowledge and tools to successfully manage your money during life transitions, and start a long-term plan to financial freedom.

Webinar Workbook: Before starting the webinar, open or print the free Money Management Through Transition Workbook.

Fighting Today’s Fraud

Description: We want our members to be fully empowered to avoid or recover from fraudulent activity. This webinar will guide you through current fraud trends, ways to protect yourself from fraud, new trends during COVID-19, next steps should you become a victim of fraud and additional resources available.

Preparing for College Admissions During COVID-19

Description: Dr. Rich Quadrel of Sage College Prep Services joins us to discuss the impacts that COVID-19 has made, and offer suggestions for high school families on how to navigate the current situation while staying on course for college preparation and admissions.