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Planning for your financial future is not easy for anyone. It is important to find the right balance of investments to help work toward your long-term goals. It is equally important to have experienced and reliable guidance throughout your entire planning and investing process. Particularly with an unreliable economy, a knowledgeable LPL Wealth Advisor is critical.

A LPL Wealth Advisor will focus on your individual needs and goals to develop a plan that works for you. Whether you need help building a financial plan from the ground up, or would like to move your current investment portfolio to a top quality service provider, we are here to serve your needs.

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Asset Allocation

Finding the right balance of investments can be the biggest challenge of financial planning. This can become even more difficult as your goals and needs change over the years. Asset Allocation is a way of dividing your investment portfolio into different asset classes. Asset allocation does not ensure positive investment performance but your investments are less susceptible to economic highs and lows.

Maintaining a well-balanced portfolio also requires updates and changes to investments over time. We can offer access to portfolio management resources with very low fees.

Long-Term Care & Insurance

It's important to not only build your wealth, but to help protect it. Even with careful planning, unforeseen events can quickly erode all that you've worked for. There's more to life than your home and your car, there's also your life and your family's future.

Long-term care can be an important part of financial planning that is often overlooked until it is too late. This care provides assistance for someone as needed due to a prolonged illness or disability. It can be personal care at home, a nursing home or at an adult center.

We have different insurance plans available, depending on your family's needs. Our life insurance policies are available in both affordable term policies and whole life plans. We also provide a range of disability income insurance products. While helping you decide which plan is best for you, a LPL Wealth Advisor will take your unique financial situation into consideration, so that your family can maintain the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to.

If you are interested in more information on long-term care insurance, please contact a LPL Wealth Advisor at 509.378.3380.


Securities and Advisory services offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, Member FINRA/SIPC. Insurance products offered through LPL Financial or its licensed affiliates. The investment products sold through LPL Financial are not insured Gesa Credit Union deposits and are not NCUA insured. These products are not obligations of Gesa Credit Union and are not endorsed, recommended or guaranteed by Gesa Credit Union or any government agency. The value of the investment may fluctuate, the return on the investment is not guaranteed, and loss of principal is possible. LPL Financial and Gesa Credit Union are not affiliated.

*LPL Financial Representatives offer access to Trust Services through The Private Trust Company N.A., an affiliate of LPL Financial.

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