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Important Details Regarding North Richland and East Wenatchee Closures

Gesa Credit Union has made the decision to close our North Richland and East Wenatchee Member Service Centers (MSCs). The decision to close these MSCs was not made lightly. We strive to truly listen to our members' needs and requests, and we believe our members have spoken to us about the North Richland and East Wenatchee MSCs through low member utilization. Fortunately, nobody will be left without a Gesa MSC to visit because we have other Gesa locations nearby, as well as easy access to accounts online using Gesa’s Xpress Mobile App, Xpress Online, or Xpress Telephone Banking.

Please see below for frequently asked questions and answers, and if you have additional questions, please call us at 888.946.4372.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the North Richland and East Wenatchee MSCs closing?

Our North Richland MSC officially closed its doors on October 31, 2017. Our East Wenatchee MSC officially closed its doors on December 29, 2017.

Why is Gesa closing their North Richland and East Wenatchee MSCs?

We have determined that both the North Richland and East Wenatchee MSCs are currently being underutilized. Both of these facilities have lower member traffic than other MSCs and very few members solely use either MSC as their main location.

Where are we supposed to complete transactions?

Fortunately, Gesa has other MSCs close to this location. If you frequently completed transactions at North Richland, you can utilize our Richland (4.3 miles), West Richland (6.5 miles), or Queensgate (8.4 miles) MSCs; and our members who frequently completed transactions at our East Wenatchee MSC can visit our Wenatchee (2.9 miles) MSC. Click here for a full list of locations and addresses.

Gesa also offers many digital and electronic banking channels through Xpress Online and Xpress Mobile, and Xpress Telephone Banking, allowing you to complete transactions from the convenience of your home or on the go! Many transactions can be completed without visiting any MSC.

Is Gesa struggling financially? Should we be worried?

No. Gesa is not in financial trouble and the difficult decision to close these MSCs was not made due to an organizational need to cut expenses. Gesa always wants to be good stewards of our members money, and the closure of these two MSCs will enable Gesa to allocate the associated operating expenses to other growth opportunities and investments.

What will happen to the staff from these MSCs?

We are fortunate to be able to relocate all of our friendly staff to other Gesa locations. Members will still be able to visit their favorite Gesa staff at another neighborhood Gesa MSC.

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