Members choose Gesa as their trusted lifelong financial partner.


Gesa Credit Union’s mission is to help members prosper by providing access to a broad range of valued and cost-effective financial products and services.

  1. Members have convenient access to a comprehensive and progressive range of financial products and services throughout their life.
  2. Members receive overall rates and fees competitive with other financial institutions.
  3. Members trust that Gesa provides honest advice in their best financial interest, confidentiality, accurate transactions and information, all while safeguarding their information and financial assets.
  4. We offer convenient and innovative access to relevant financial education for our members, their children and our community to promote financial literacy and long-term financial wellness.
  5. Members' service experience is exceptional as a result of an engaged workforce that is invested in the success of the Credit Union.

Core Values

Great Member Relations

We provide remarkable service by exceeding member expectations, being the member’s advocate, anticipating member needs and providing the member with relevant financial education.

Effective Organizational Culture

We value staff and treat them well. We hold employees personally accountable. We encourage open communication and innovation throughout the organization.

Leadership Integrity

Our leaders take responsibility and are held accountable. They are accessible and lead by example. They uphold a high level of ethics and integrity.

Sound Financial Management

Risk is controlled, and operations are managed in a safe, sound and efficient manner.

Responsible Community Partner

We are a dedicated community partner. We have a positive economic impact on the regions in which we operate, and we consider the consequences of our decisions on all the communities we serve. We work closely with charitable organizations whose missions align with ours. We incorporate environmental sustainability into everyday business practices and decisions.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of members elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. The Board meets monthly to review the performance of the Credit Union and set Credit Union Board policy.

Image of Bill Melberg

William J. Melberg


Gesa Member Since 1980

Elected to the Board in 1993

Image of Martin Valadez

Martin Valadez Torres

Vice Chair

Gesa Member Since 2009

Elected to the Board in 2012

Image of Gregg Andrews

Gregg Andrews


Gesa Member Since 1980

Elected to the Board in 2008

Image of Iris Anderson

Iris Anderson


Gesa Member Since 1997

Elected to the Board in 2008

Image of Manuel Chavallo

Manuel Chavallo


Gesa Member Since 1992

Elected to the Board in 2008

Image of Bob Follett

Bob Follett


Gesa Member Since 1984

Elected to the Board in 2000

Image of Paul Korstad

Paul Korstad


Gesa Member Since 1975

Elected to the Board in 1996

Image of Bill Robers, Jr.

Bill Roberts, Jr.

Emeritus Board Member

Gesa Member Since 1968

Elected to the Board in 1989

Image of Peter Smith

Peter Smith


Gesa Member Since 1984

Elected to the Board in 2009

Image of Brett Spooner

Brett Spooner


Gesa Member Since 2010

Elected to the Board in 2015

Image of Jessica Schneider

Jessica Schneider

Associate Board Member

Gesa Member Since 2001

Elected to the Board in 2019

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. An outside audit firm conducts an annual opinion audit at the request of the Supervisory Committee which also oversees internal audit functions to ensure proper internal controls are in place and policies are adhered to.

It is the responsibility of the Supervisory Committee of Gesa Credit Union to monitor the financial safety and soundness of the credit union and to oversee compliance with various financial and regulatory requirements.

The internal auditors meet with the Supervisory Committee monthly to review internal audit reports, financial statement trends, information protection status, potential fraud issues, risk assessments and internal control practices. The Committee also closely monitors the results of the state and federal examinations as they occur.

Committee Members

  • Kara Rohrig, Chair
  • Kevin Sullivan, Vice Chair
  • Bob Hamm, Secretary
  • Nate Higgins, Committee Member

For issues or concerns you are not able to resolve with management, please use the link below to contact the Committee.

Contact the Supervisory Committee


The Gesa bylaws are available for viewing here.

To view the PDFs, you must have the free utility Adobe Reader. Click here to get it.

Disclosure to Membership

Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Compensation Schedule

As permitted by law and the Credit Union's Bylaws, Gesa provides reasonable compensation to the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee for their service to the Credit Union. An annual stipend is payable in quarterly installments in recognition of the education and time requirements that are necessary and expected of Board members, who set the strategic direction of and provide general oversight of the Credit Union, and Supervisory Committee members, who provide oversight regarding the safety and soundness of the Credit Union.

As required by law, the members of the Credit Union shall be informed of the compensation provided to the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members.

Compensation Plan

The annual stipend ranges between $15,000 and $22,000 for Board members and is based on leadership position(s) held. The annual stipend for Supervisory Committee members ranges between $7,000 and $11,000 and is based on leadership position held.

Position Compensation
Board Chair $22,000
Director $15,000
Supervisory Committee Chair $11,000
Supervisory Committee Member $7,000
Board Committee Chair $3,000

Anticipated Board Compensation Schedule for 2019

Board Member Compensation
Bill Melberg $22,000
Martin Valadez Torres $15,000
Gregg Andrews $15,000
Iris Anderson $15,000
Manuel Chavallo $15,000
Bob Follett $18,000
Paul Korstad $15,000
Bill Roberts, Jr. $18,000
Peter Smith $15,000

Anticipated Supervisory Committee Compensation Schedule for 2019

Board Member Compensation
Kara Rohrig $11,000
Nate Higgins $7,000
Kevin Sullivan $7,000
Bob Hamm $7,000

For questions or concerns regarding Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee compensation, please contact the credit union’s Supervisory Committee at:

Post Office Box 753
Richland, WA 99352